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Jay has spent over a decade learning and perfecting his craft, focusing on quality and design.

Jason Jillard

To create the best instruments for the hands of great musicians, to encourage the creation of amazing music


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The Jillard Guitar Co. is proud to present the Artist Feature, a place where musicians come to deliver raw, honest performances, in a way that you won't usually get to see, just a voice, and an electric guitar.

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How to Buy

There are 3 ways you can purchase a Jillard Guitar, depending on your specific needs.

Everything about the guitar is designed and made specifically for you. whether you desire a custom version of a Jillard design, or you have your own unique vision that you want to make a reality, a Bespoke Guitar will meet your needs. Woods, body design, inlays, hardware, electronics, finishes, and everything else about the guitar is customizable. I will work with you throughout the build process and walk you through every desicion, providing advice and suggestions along the way.
A Bespoke guitar includes access to a nearly endless amount of highly sought after wood options, top of the line hardware and electronics, and personalized custom options. A Bespoke guitar requires 8-14 months to complete, and only 4 are made each year. Due to the rarity and complexity of these instruments, they hold the highest cost of a Jillard Guitar.
Price: $4,000 +Tax & shipping
  • 6 String Guitar, 7 String Guitar, 4 String Bass or 5 String Bass. 
  • Custom Body
  • Custom Headstock
  • Any Unrestricted woods
  • Flatop or Carve Top
  • Stainless Steel or Gold EVO Frets
  • Custom Fanned frets
  • Custom Scale Lengths
  • Custom Neck profile
  • Black, silver, or gold hardware
  • Hipshot Locking Tuners
  • Dunlop Strap Loks
  • Custom Electronics
  • Custom Handwound Jillard Pickups
  • Wood covers & accents
  • Custom Finish color options
  • 1 material, Medium sized custom Inlay
  • Left hand or right hand.
  • Graph tech saddles & nut (piezo optional)
  • Custom Flight Case
  • Aftermarket Pickups: add retail value of pickups to cost of build
  • Large, Complex, multi-material inlays: email for quote
  • Solid Color Paint or Gloss Clear: +$600
  • Restricted woods: email for availability
  • Custom Pyrography: email for quote
  • 8 string guitar or 6 string bass: +$120 (add an additional  $120 for every string after that)

The most cost effective way of owning a Jillard! Each year I will be offering a limited, numbered run of instruments for a reduced price. These instruments use the same quality materials and craftmanship, but have a more limited amount of customization. Every run will be different, and could include my standard designs, or a run of something brand new. Each guitar in the run will contain uniform specs, often using wood from the same billet. The result is a small family of similar guitars.
Price: Each run will be priced accordingly, but will usually be between $2400 and $3000 + tax & shipping. Spots will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis.
Check back frequently and follow the Facebook & twitter pages to be among the first to hear about Limited Edition Runs!

Current run: Fan Fret Strats, Tyrants, and offsets!  More information can be found here!


Ocasionally, there will be in stock guitars ready for immediate sale. The beauty of this is that you don't have to wait for the guitar to be built!

Some guitars may be extras from a Limited Run, or even a completely Unlimited Custom!

Click here for all currently available guitars! 

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